The Renaissance Duet Book (2 Hps)

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Rees-Rohrbacher, D. The Rensaissance Duet Book (2 Hps)-Bransle de Bourgogne/Gervaise Galliarde/Gervaise Siciliano/Anon. Captain Piper's Galliarde/Dowland Pavane d'Angleterre/Gervaise Galliarde d'Angleterre/ Gervaise Spagnoletta/Praetorius Bransle de Champagne/Gervaise Nancie/Morley Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie/Arbeau L'Espagnoletta/Caroubel Ladie Laiton's Alman/Dowland Pavane Le Force d'Hercole/Anon. Sleep Wayward Thoughts/Dowland Bransle de la Torche/Praetorius. Difficulty Level: Easy/Medium/More Advanced Suitable for: Lever Or Pedal Harp A wonderful introduction to early music; ranges from easy to challenging.