Salvi Daphne 40 Walnut #2074

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Made in 1980. Last restrung and regulated in October 2019 at Harps Etc. Includes a transport cover set, dust cover, collapsible bench with carrying backpack, collapsible music stand with carrying bag, music stand light, and tuning key.

Loved by students and appreciated by professionals. In one word: Daphne. A perpetual presence in the Salvi catalogue, this series offers instruments which are sought after for their manageability and the high quality of sound.

40 strings, 1st Oct. E – 6th Oct. A
Extreme Height: 64 1/2” (164 cm)
Extreme Width: 26 1/2” (88 cm)
Weight: 58 1/2 lbs (26,5 kg)
Extreme Soundboard Width: 15” (38 cm)
Soundboard: Fiemme valley red spruce


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