Rent a Harp

Harps Etc. offers a variety of flexible plans that lock in the purchase price of your new or used lever or pedal harp for up to six months. Applies to all harps with up to 40 strings.

Three Month Same as Cash Purchase Plan: Qualified parties may purchase a new or used lever harp or pedal harp with 0% interest. This is a purchase agreement, not a rental plan.

The Rent to Own Program: At the conclusion of the 6-month rental period, Harps Etc. will apply the full 6-month rental fee and the security deposit toward the purchase of that rental instrument. Financing is available to qualified customers. Rent to Own only applies to harps up to 40 strings. You may also:

  • Continue to rent the harp at our current monthly rental rate on a month to month basis. No previous or future rental payment credits will apply toward the purchase price at a later date. Your security deposit will be applied to the purchase price.
  • Return the harp in the condition in which it was received and your security deposit will be returned (not applicable for new harps under warranty.
  • Switch to a different harp and begin a new Rent to Own Program. No previous rental fees will apply to the purchase of the new harp. Your security deposit may be transferable (not applicable for new harps under warranty).

Did you know that a well maintained harp typically appreciates in value over time?


Type of Harp
Under 30 Strings
30-34 Strings
35-36 Strings
37-40+ Strings Lever
40 Strings Pedal
44 Strings Pedal
45-46 Strings Pedal
47 Strings Pedal
Gold Harps
Monthly Rental*


Minimum rent, sales tax, and security deposit of 10% of the price of the harp are due at the time of rental (minimum deposit $275.00 and *credit/debit cards subject to 2.5% surcharge). Insurance coverage for the full replacement value of your harp must be maintained by the renter during the entire rental period. Renter pays for any shipping. Credit approval and contract required. The Rent to Own Program. Three Month Same as Cash, and monthly rental rates are subject to change without notice. Major credit cards or personal checks with required identification are accepted. Other conditions apply. For harp prices, see the current price list.

When you come to rent or purchase your harp, please bring at least three pillows and an enclosed vehicle. It is not safe to move a harp in an open, flatbed truck. Most non-pedal harps will fit in a sedan, the size of a Toyota, Camry. With this size car, there are no seats for additional passengers. Pedal harps will fit in a small SUV, cross over vehicle or even a Prius 3 or Prius V. You will need to put down the passenger seats to fit the harp.

Bounty Program

If you purchase a *new* LEVER harp from Harps Etc. or 40-string pedal harp, you may turn in your harp within five years of your original purchase and receive a credit of up to 100% of your original purchase price toward a new PEDAL harp of greater value. One trade-in per customer. The harp must be in good condition, and you must be the original owner. Lever harps over $5,300 will receive 80% of the original purchase price as a credit to a new PEDAL harp of greater value. Electric harps do not apply to this program. Other conditions may apply; call for details.