Harps Etc. FAQ

What is the Harps Etc. Bounty Program?
Harps Etc. will apply the original purchase price of any lever harp or petite 40-string pedal harp that is less than five years old, in good condition and traded in by the original owner, towards the purchase of any new pedal harp of greater value. Under the Bounty Program, one trade-in per customer is allowed. Electric lever harps are not included in this offer.  Other conditions apply. Contact us for details. Please have your harp's serial number and model information readily available.

What is the Harps Etc. Trade Up Program?
If you purchased a used lever or pedal harp from Harps Etc., you can receive up to 65% of your original purchase toward an upgrade to a new pedal harp of greater value.  The Trade Up Program is applicable towards the full line of pedal harps available at Harps Etc.  Only one Trade Up per customer is allowed.  Electric lever harps are not included.  Other conditions may apply.  

Do you offer financing?
Financing is available for qualified buyers through the Allegro Acceptance Corporation.  Contact us for more information and an application.  

Do you purchase harps from individuals?
Yes, we may be interested in purchasing your harp.  You need to bring the harp to Harps Etc. for an appraisal.

Do you sell harps on consignment?
Yes.  All harps sold on consignment are subject to inspection and must be completely restrung and regulated prior to being placed on the floor. This can be waived if there is proof of a restringing and regulation by a certified technician within the past year.  If you are interested in selling your harp on consignment, please contact us for more details.

Do you sell internationally?
We do sell harps, music, strings and accessories internationally.  For international sales, payments must be received through wire transfers from your bank to ours.  Please contact us for wire instructions.  The buyer pays for all shipping, taxes, customs, duties and any other costs associated with an international sale and transport of the harp.

Do you deliver harps?
We provide local delivery within the San Francisco Bay Area for a fee determined by the distance.  For harps outside of this area, we ship both nationally and internationally through a common carrier such as DM Transportation or ALG.  Smaller harps may use a different carrier depending on the size of the harp.  We recommend the harps be insured through the shipping company or with outside instrument insurance prior to shipping.  The cost of delivery will vary depending on the size of the harp and the destination.  Transit time is typically 7 to 10 business days.  Transit may be delayed by extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Are your used pedal harps regulated?
All used or consignment harps have been regulated and restrung prior to it being placed on our showroom for sale.

Can a particular harp be reserved for me to try?
Unfortunately, we cannot reserve a harp for you unless you give us a non-refundable 10% deposit on the harp.  We can give you "first right of refusal".  If someone else would like the harp before you can make a final decision, we will attempt to reach you to give you the opportunity to complete your purchase.  However, if you have not placed a deposit on the harp and we cannot reach you, the harp is considered available for someone else to purchase.

What harp lines do you sell?
Harps Etc. has access to most major harp manufacturers.  If we do not have the make or model that you would like in our showroom, we can order the harp with a 10% transferable deposit.  If you are not happy with the harp, you may transfer the deposit to another instrument until you find the perfect harp for you.

What is your return policy?
Harps Etc. offers our exclusive 30 day "Test Drive" program.   If you are not satisfied with the instrument you have purchased, return the harp in the condition in which it was received within 30 days.  You will be charged a 15% restocking fee on a previously owned harp and a 25% restocking fee if the harp you purchased was new and you are the first owner.   You can request a refund of the balance paid or use it as a credit toward another harp of equal or greater value.   Any damage to the instrument will result in less than a full store credit, the amount of which will be determined solely by Harps Etc.  Music, strings and accessories may not be returned unless defective.

Do you regulate harps at your store?
We have technicians come to Harps Etc. on a regular basis.  Please contact us for the next available appointment and cost for regulations, appraisals and repairs.  Also note that all Lyon & Healy and Salvi warranty regulations must be performed by a member of the Lyon & Healy/Salvi Technician’s Guild for the warranty terms to remain in effect.

How often should I restring and regulate my harp?
We recommend that you have your harp restrung and regulated once a year.  We can restring the harp for you.  Please arrange to bring the harp to Harps Etc. at least one week before your regulation appointment to allow enough time to restring and bring your harp up to pitch for the regulator.

Do your harps come with a warranty?
All new harps purchased through Harps Etc. will carry their respective manufacturer’s warranty.  Please contact us for the most current warranty information.  Unless otherwise noted, used harps will not come with a warranty. 

How do I place a harp order?
To place a retail order for a lever or pedal harp, simply select the harp style and finish/color and make a 10% transferable deposit.  For a retail special order, a 20% non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required. Full payment or approved financing is necessary before delivery.

How do I find a harp teacher in my area?
Students:  Harps Etc. can provide you with names of teachers in your area.  This teacher listing is provided to help prospective harpists identify available teachers in their area.  Harps Etc. does not endorse any specific teacher in this listing. We strongly recommend that a student and/or parent research prospective teachers, including, but not limited to, a review of the teacher's background, fees and references.  You can also find teacher listings on other harp sites such as The American Harp Society at www.harpsociety.org.
Teachers:  If you would like to be included in the Harp Teachers Listing please click here. Please include background information with regards to your harp teaching, your city, state, phone number and email address. Thank you

How do I care for my harp?
Here are a few tips to keep your harp happy and healthy:

  • It is best to keep your harp away from direct ventilation and sunlight. 
  • A dry, lint free dust cloth is all you need to clean your harp
  • If you use a polish, only use what is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Harps should be tuned daily
  • Strings replaced as soon as they break.
  • Regulate and restring your harp yearly.
  • Please contact us for our free Harp Care Information Sheet.

How do I move my harp?
When you come to rent or purchase your harp, please bring at least three pillows and an enclosed vehicle.  It is not safe to move a harp in an open, flatbed truck.  Most non-pedal harps will fit in a sedan, the size of a Toyota, Camry.  With this size car, there are no seats for additional passengers. Pedal harps will fit in a small SUV, cross over vehicle or even a Prius 3 or Prius V.  You will need to put down the passenger seats to fit the harp.

You may need a harp dolly to easily move your instrument.  A dolly can be purchased from Harps Etc.  Contact us for a recommendation concerning which dolly is best for your needs.  Always move the harp with padding under the three points of the harp, (the crown, knee block and base), with the levers or discs facing up to the ceiling of your vehicle.  You do not want to use an open pickup truck! For alternative methods of moving your harp, please contact us.

Does Harps Etc. give appraisals of harps?
Harps Etc. provides two different types of appraisals: Insurance Replacement Values for insurance companies, and Physical Value Evaluations to provide a statement of value of your harp (the latter may only be done with a physical inspection of the harp).

How do I insure my harp?
The following companies specialize in instrument insurance:

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