Certified Pre-Owned Pedal Harps

All of the used pedal harps are inspected, regulated and restrung with fresh strings to insure that your "new" used harp is in the best possible condition. 


This rare instrument was originally built in the 1850's by the London Erard Harp Company. It has the original, elegantly sculpted and re-gilded column,...

This harp dates from the 1930s and underwent extensive repairs in 2013, including a new neck and soundboard, repaired body base frame, and refinish. The...

This harp was built in the 1970s and restrung and regulated in 2018 at Harps Etc. Price includes dust cover, harp wheels, tuning key holder, bench, and...

This harp was restrung and regulated in 2018 at Harps Etc. It is about thirty years old and has had one owner. Includes dust cover and trunk.

Harp built in 2014, restrung and regulated 2016 at Harps Etc. Has had one owner and is in great condition. Includes dust cover and tuning key.

Harp built in 1980 and has had one owner. It was restrung and regulated at Harps Etc. in 2018. Includes cover and bench.

Made in 1915 and rebuilt with a new mechanism and neck. 46 strings, last restrung and regulated in 2014 at Harps Etc.

An antique dating from the 1890s, rebuilt, refinished, and reriveted in 2003. The body, body frame, neck, and mechanism are all new. The soundboard and...

Made in 1975. It has had 2 owners in the past. This harp is in very good condition. Restrung and regulated by Harps Etc. March 2019. Includes a bench,...

Built around 1924 and has had its neck replaced. Restrung and Regulated at Harps Etc. June 2019. Includes 3-piece transport cover set. Contact us...
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Made in 1975. Restrung and Regulated by Harps Etc. July 2019. Include dust cover and tuning key. Additional shipping trunk available. Inquire...
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