Saturday Harp Circle

Learning to play music with others is a wonderful skill and will enable you to play with other instruments and ensembles at school and beyond. You'll make friends you'll have for a lifetime as you learn new music. Your sight reading skills will dramatically improve.

This group is intended for students with at least one year of lessons or by audition from ages 6-18. Older adults may participate, if you are not able to come to the Adult Harp Circle on Wednesday morning.

Ensemble Class Dates:

  • Saturday, September 8
  • Saturday, October 6
  • Saturday, November 3
  • Saturday, December 1 and 8

Time: 1-4 PM. There will be a break with snacks.

Fee: $175.00, due at the time of registration. There is an additional cost for music that will be billed separately. You are expected at all rehearsals. If you miss a rehearsal, you must contact another ensemble member to get the notes and markings from that rehearsal. There are no refunds for missed classes and no make-up rehearsals.

Location: Harps Etc. Please bring a harp bench, tuner, tuning key, all music, and music stand to ALL classes and concerts. Register by September 5th, by contacting If you study with a teacher other than Jessica, you will be asked to audition by playing two short solos and preparing an ensemble piece that will be sent to you. You will also be asked to sight read a short musical example at your playing level. You will be given an audition day and time when you register.

There are harp parts for ALL LEVELS of experience. We will also work on the music in your lesson. Your ensemble will perform for our December and June concerts.


Wednesday Morning Harp Circle

This group is intended for adults over the age of 18 or by audition. Be prepared to play two short solos and the ensemble part you will be sent for your audition. Auditions are by appointment and will be arranged before the first rehearsal on September 5th. Email Jessica at for more information. You may need to bring a music stand and bench to each rehearsal and performance. You are required to bring your tuner, tuning key, tuning microphone, and red pencil to every rehearsal. Arrive no later than 10 AM to tune your harp. Rehearsals start at 10:15 AM sharp!

Time: 10:00 AM-11:45 AM

Day: Weekly, on Wednesday, from September 5-December 5, 2018. Extra rehearsals on Saturday, December 1 and 8 from 1-4 PM.

Performances: Sunday, December 9, 2018 5-8 PM and June 8, 2019 4-8 PM.

Full Semester Fee: $425.00, plus required music. Weekly attendance is strongly recommended. If you miss a rehearsal, you must contact another ensemble member to get the notes and markings from that rehearsal. There are no refunds for missed classes and no make-up rehearsals.


Recital Dates for Soloists and Ensembles

Please put these dates on the calendar today! You do not have to perform a solo. Hearing others play is inspirational and you may hear music you want to learn next. Invite your family and friends. All ensembles will perform.

Sunday, December 9, 2018 5-8 PM
Annual Holiday Potluck featuring the students and ensembles at Harps Etc. You must contact Jessica to perform a solo. All performers are providing background music for the party. This is a great chance to practice playing for others in a more relaxed setting.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

  • Group I: 4-6 PM. Last names beginning with A-M
  • Reception for all from 6-7 PM
  • Group II: 7-9 PM. Last names beginning with N-Z.

If you are in a harp ensemble, you will be performing at BOTH recitals in June.


Workshop: Get Comfortable Changing the Strings on Your Harp

When: Saturday, October 20, 2018 1-4 PM

Fee: $25.00 payable to Harps Etc. when you register for the workshop.

Location: Harps Etc.

RSVP: Reserve your place by October 10, 2018. This workshop will fill up quickly. I advise you to call or email Harps Etc. to save your place today.

If you plan to restring your harp, please let us know your harp make, model, and number of strings so that we can have a set of strings for your harp in time for the workshop. You will also have the option of changing strings on a store harp. We'll walk you step by step through the string changing process. Learn the tricks of the trade to make changing strings easy!


Performance Workshops

We'll play for each other, work on performance skills such as memorization, playing through mistakes, listening to others perform with an educated ear and tools to help you keep relaxed and focused during a performance. The more you perform, the easier it gets and the more you will enjoy playing for others. Contact Jessica to register.

Fee: $25.00 per workshop due at registration.

Workshop Dates

  • Saturday, October 6, 2018, 5-7 PM (Sign up by October 1)
  • Sunday, November 4, 2018, 5-7 PM (Sign up by October 22)

Do you have an idea for a workshop or fieldtrip? Talk to Jessica today.


Free "Try the Harp" Class

Contact Harps Etc. to schedule your FREE Try the Harp session.  This experience is open to all ages and experience levels. You are never too young or too old to play the harp!  The class is held on the third Saturday of each month at 10:30-11:15 a.m. Call Harps Etc. at 800-836-5559 for information and to reserve your space today.


Harp Tech Day

Does your harp need a tune up? Technician Mike Lewis of HarpTech is at our store on the second and last Tuesday of each month for harp regulation, repair, troubleshooting, and appraisal. Call Harps Etc. at 800-836-5559 to make an appointment.