2019 Harp Competition Repetoire

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23rd American Harp Society, Inc. National Competition

June 2019

Junior Division (Maximum age 12 years on June 1, 2019)

CPE Bach - Solfeggietto

Thomas - The Minstrel's Adieu to His Native Land

Grandhany - Automne


Intermediate I Division (Maximum age 15 years on June 1, 2019)

Handel/Zingel - Tema con variazioni

Tournier - Au Matin

Natra - Sonatine


Intermediate II Division (Maximum age 18 years on June 1, 2019)

Bach - Largo from Violin Sonata No. 5

Grandjany - Fantasie on a Theme of Haydn

Watkins - Petite Suite


Advanced Division (Maximum age 21 years on June 1, 2019)

Spohr - Variations sur l'air "Je suis encore dans mon printemps"

Presle - Le jardin mouille

Rota - Sarabande e Toccata


Young Professional Division (Maximum age 30 years on June 1, 2019)

Faure - Une Chatelaine en sa Tour

Choose one:

Paradisi - Toccata in A Major

Loeillet - Toccata in F Major

Choose one:

Renie - Ballade Fantastique

Salzedo - Ballade


Yvonne LaMothe Schwager Competition for Young Harpists 2019
Presented by the Bay Area Chapter of the American Harp Society


* = Playable on lever harp

PRELIMINARY LEVEL (9 years and under)

Play 2 options from:
A. Holy - Youngsters At Play from An Evening At Home (in F major)* (Harpiana Prize)
S. McDonald - Concert Etude from Graded Recital Pieces, Vol. 1* (MusicWorks Prize)
C. Salzedo - Any one piece from Short Stories Vol 1 or 2 (Salzedo Music Prize)
Grandjany - Reverie from Trois Pieces Faciles ed. Leduc (lever harps to play in C major) *
Free Choice – maximum duration 3 minutes.

LEVEL 1 (12 years and under)

Play 2 options from:
A. Kastner - Morceau facile No. 1 (in Bb without pedals)* (Harpiana Prize)
L. Wood - Sonatina in Classical Style* (1st movement only) from Graded Recital Pieces, Vol 4. (MusicWorks Prize)
C. Salzedo - Seguidilla from Suite of Eight Dances (Salzedo Music Prize)
J. Thomas - A Minstrel’s Adieu to his Native Land
Free Choice – maximum duration 5 minutes

LEVEL 2 (15 years and under)

Play 2 options from:
C. Oberthür -  Le Papillon (Harpiana Prize)
S. McDonald/L. Wood - Choose any one piece from Haiku for the Harp except No.1 (A stray cat asleep on the roof in the spring rain) * (MusicWorks Prize)
C. Salzedo - Chanson dans la Nuit (Salzedo Music Prize)
G.F. Handel / Zingel - Theme and variations
Free choice – maximum duration 5 minutes

LEVEL 3 (18 years and under)

Play 2 options from:
F. Godefroid - Le Rouet de Marguerite (Harpiana Prize)
D. Scarlatti - Sonata in A Major K208, tr. McDonald/Wood (MusicWorks Prize)
C. Salzedo - Whirlwind from Five Preludes for Harp Alone (Salzedo Music Prize)
D. Watkins - Nocturne AND Firedance from Petite Suite
Free Choice – maximum duration 8 minutes

LEVEL 4 (25 years and under)

Play 2 options from:
C. Oberthür - Le Sylphe (Harpiana Prize)
E. Granados - Danse No. 1 (Oriental) from Spanish Music for the Harp, Vol. 3, arr. McDonald/Wood (MusicWorks Prize)
C. Salzedo - Scintillation OR Variations sur un theme dans la style ancient (with cut).(Salzedo Music Prize)
N. Rota - Sarabande & Toccata
Free Choice – maximum duration 10 minutes