Asian Folksongs for the Smaller Harp


Shanks, Deborah Dahl

Korean folk songs
Barley and Rice
Go-ne Go-ne
Let's Play Terrapin

Mountains so Green ("Gau Shan Ching" - Traditional Taiwanese)
Plowing with Water Buffalo (Taiwanese Folksong)
Mongolian Shepherd Song (Traditional Mongolian)
Let Us Even Now Go to Bethlehem (Philippines Christmas Lullaby)
Greet the Rising Sun (Traditional Chinese by Le P'ing)
Jasmine Flower ("Mo Li Hua" - Traditional Chinese)

The following traditional songs are from specific Chinese provinces
Feng Yang Flower Drum (Anhue I province)
If the Rain Doesn't Fall (Yunnan province)
In That Faraway Place (Chinghai province)
Kang Ding Love Song (Shikang province)
Little Donkey (Shenshi province)
Purple Bamboo Flute (Shandong province)
Rainbow Sister (Suiyuan province)

The following songs are from the Shinjiang province
Lift Your Veil
Sweet Bird of Youth
Wagoneer's Song