Salvi Una

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Lightweight and portable, the new 38-string Una features a sophisticated and captivating Celtic design. Its unique Silkgut® Copper strings containing copper powder from 4th octave B to 5th octave D remove any musical “jump” from wire to non-wire strings, and lend to the Una’s indulgence of rich tones and deep bass.
The Una Deluxe is enriched by a stylish soundboard decoration and 24kt gold-plated mechanics. 

38 strings:
Wire: A 6th  to C 5th  
Copper Silkgut: D 5th to B 4th
Silkgut: C 4th  to C 1st
Lever type: Start & Play

53.75" (136.5 cm)

Soundboard Width
13" (33 cm)

Extreme Width
30.75" (78 cm)

25.5 lbs (11.6 kg)