Certified Pre-Owned Pedal Harps

All of the used pedal harps are inspected, regulated and restrung with fresh strings to insure that your "new" used harp is in the best possible condition. 


This rare instrument was originally built in the 1850's by the London Erard Harp Company. It has the original, elegantly sculpted and re-gilded column, new...

This harp is truly electrifying. Never work hard to be heard again! This harp is a custom design with a walnut and bronze finish. Has a pick up mic on every...

Built in 2005, restrung and regulated at Harps Etc. in 2013. Lovely high gloss finish.

Made in 1915 and rebuilt with a new mechanism and neck.

An antique dating from the 1890s, rebuilt, refinished, and reriveted in 2003. The body, body frame, neck, and mechanism are all new. The soundboard and...


Gold with natural finish; Built in 1970; 3-year limited warranty. In 2008 this harp was re-riveted with new screws, discs; plates and pedals polished; new neck; touch ups to cosmetics. Just recently regulated with new felts and pads.

$24,950.00 $19,950.00

46 string harp, built in 1917 and last regulated and restrung in 2014. The only repair done has been to a crack in the soundboard; otherwise in original condition. There are slight clicking sounds in the mechanism. This harp was owned by poet Janine Canan and inspired a group of poems in her book Shapes of Self.

41 string harp (1st octave C to 7th octave E), restrung and regulated at Harps Etc. in 2014. At just 59 inches tall, this harp is perfect for gigs...

Built in 2001. Restrung and regulated at Harps Etc. in 2015.

$19,500.00 $14,950.00
Newly reduced in price! A lovely old harp (built in 1926) with a warm sound. The harp soundboard was replaced in 1971.  Restrung and regulated...

Built in 1947, restrung and regulated in 2013. This harp is in amazing structural and cosmetic condition for its age and has a great big sound. There...

Harp dating from the 1920s. Restrung and regulated at Harps Etc. in 2015.