Certified Pre-Owned Lever Harps

Harps Etc. inspects and certifies the condition of all of the used lever harps.  Many are rental returns, a Bounty Program trade-in or on sale by consignment from a previous owner.

Harp built in 2015. Features beautiful overlay ornamentation and hand-painted decoration on the soundboard. Fully levered with Rees levers. Includes padded...

This harp was built in the 1980s by Jerry Goldsberry. It has 23 strings with Robinson levers on the Bs and Fs. Includes padded case.

This harp was built in 2016 and is in excellent condition. It has 34 strings with full Camac levers. Includes carrying case and tuning key.

The Swanson Lever harp is strung with concert tension strings, fully levered with Loveland levers, and is a great choice for a student. This model was built...

This Troubadour harp has had one owner. It was built in 2013 and restrung and regulated in 2018 at Harps Etc. Includes cover and tuning key.

Harp built in 2001, restrung in 2018. This harp has had one owner. It has 29 strings without levers.

This harp was built in 2010 and restrung and regulated at Harps Etc. in 2018. It has had one owner and is in excellent condition. Includes a cover and...