Certified Pre-Owned Harps

This rare instrument was originally built in the 1850's by the London Erard Harp Company. It has the original, elegantly sculpted and re-gilded column,...

This harp is truly electrifying. Never work hard to be heard again! This harp is a custom design with a walnut and bronze finish. Has a pick up mic on every...

Made in 1915 and rebuilt with a new mechanism and neck. 46 strings, last restrung and regulated in 2014 at Harps Etc.

$23,000.00 $17,500.00
Newly reduced price! Harp built in 1910s, restrung and regulated at Harps Etc. in 2015. The body base frame of the harp was replaced and the...
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Harp built in 2006, restrung and regulated in 2016 at Harps Etc. In great cosmetic condition with a warm and bright tone. Includes cover and tuning key....

This is a 46-string semi grand harp with extended soundboard, built in the 1930s and with a new soundboard and neck. It was restrung and regulated in 2016...

The harp has hardly ever been moved, used only for occasional practice and it shows beautifully and like new. This is a lovely harp in...

This harp has a big, warm sound. It was built from a kit in 1998 and was restrung in 2015 at Harps Etc. It is non-levered. Please note that there is some...

Harp built in 2010, restrung and regulated in 2016 at Harps Etc. Includes cover and tuning key. 44 strings Height 68 5/8" Weight 68 lbs.
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Harp built in 2000, restrung and regulated in 2017 at Harps Etc. Purchase price includes stool, harp wheels, dust cover, two folding music stands, and...

This harp was built in the 1980s by Jerry Goldsberry. It has 23 strings with Robinson levers on the Bs and Fs. Includes padded case.

Harp built in 2015. Includes cover and tuning key.